Vicenza Therapeutic Massage

The feet represent an important element of our body, even if their functions are often underestimated. Plantar reflexology is a therapeutic massage technique in Vicenza, performed at the plant of the foot, which stimulate numerous nerve endings. Once activated, they send signals to the brain, inputs to help us feel better and deal with many pathologies that are located in the nervous, blood , urinary, digestive, and musculoskeletal systems. In the foot there is a real plantar map, connected to some parts of our body, on which it is possible to make pressure, so as to influence the associated organs and gain benefits on some diseases. Plantar reflexology is a holistic practice that helps the individual to recover physical but also psycho-emotional well-being.
Massaggio terapeutico Vicenza
Psychosomatic massage

Regaining fitness after birth is possible through a psychosomatic massage. Particularly suitable for children, it favors the growth phase, while in the elderly it helps to relax the joints. The massage has a restoring function for the balance between mind and body and re-activating of the bipolar alteration of physiological functions through rediscovery of oneself and total collapse of the rational sphere.


Among its features there are:

• Draining action on the arterial, venous and lymphatic system
• Mechanical action to improve blood circulation
• Muscle relaxant action that works deeply on connective and muscular tissues
• Relaxing body action for the improvement of cervical arthritis and back pain and lumbago
• Helps counteract insomnia and stress