Vicenza therapeutic postural training




The medical practice adopts several methods to prevent and counteract back pain, hernias, scoliosis and help patients regain proper posture. In particular, for postural therapeutic gymnastics exercises in Vicenza, we use the SM-System, a therapy that uses elastics to helps stretch the muscles of the body effectively and in a non-invasive way enhancing their functions. This type of physiotherapy support the realignment of the central axis of the skeleton by some stretching exercises. Dr. Mekolle usually applies this method to patients suffering from scoliosis, sciatica and knee and foot pain, especially women during and following pregnancy. This technique serves to prevent, in addition to cure, back pain and was designed by Czech orthopedic doctor Dr. Richard Smiŝek.
Ginnastica correttiva posturale Vicenza
Esercizi schiena

A well-functioning method

Medical-scientific evidences, with detailed electromyographic analysis, confirm the absolute effectiveness. The exercises simultaneously activate the agonist and antagonist muscles, stretching helps to strengthen the muscle weakened over time due to incorrect posture. Through body exercise, therefore, occur a stretching of the spirals upwards that produces a release effect on the intervertebral disks, favoring regeneration of the disc itself and giving greater stability, mobility and coordination. Even small patients, starting from the age of five, can be trained in the method, learning to take a proper posture and maintain it over time, at any stage of growth. SM-System also improves the quality of breathing, helping to regenerate psycho-physical harmony, greatly reducing erection disorders and female fertility difficulties.