Vicenza anti aging treatments

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Today, we will talk about anti aging treatments in Vicenza and medicine that helps counteract and greatly reduce the effects of aging on our body. Nutrigenomics studies interactions between our genes and food to educate the individual to nourish regenerative cells in a healthy way through proper nutrition. This branch also uses cosmetic gene-therapy that study the most suitable cosmetics to apply to face and body, in relation to the patient's genetic profile. So, you don't have to turn to botox or cosmetic surgery, just use natural nutritional methods that are capable of reactivating the cells of our metabolism and regenerating the skin collagen. We want to tell you the best of our company, about our services and answer to the comments and requests of web users. For more information contact us, we will try to satisfy your requests in a short time. On our website, you will find useful information about our activity, images of our location and useful addresses to reach us via email, phone or in-house. Enjoy your reading.