Doctor Stephen Mekolle


Nutrigenomics and Anti aging

Dr. Stephen Mekolle's Preventive, Regenerative and Anti aging Medicine Surgery takes advantage of several nutrigenomic treatments, studying the link between genes and nutrition, in order to reduce skin blemishes and premature skin aging. Dr. Stephen Mekolle in Vicenza is also specialist in plantar reflexology, psychosomatic massages and mesotherapy, for the treatment of herniated disc and scoliosis, following his patients through a path of vertebral and postural corrective gymnastics.

According to Dr. Mekolle, to enjoy good health one must never underestimate two aspects: proper nutrition for healthy regeneration of cells and many postural gymnastics exercises to help muscles extend effectively. The study also issues a vaccine-related recipes, for acupuncture and skin drainage sessions, and stitches removal.

Dottor Stephen Mekolle Vicenza
riflessologia plantare
The surgeon graduated at the University of Padova in 2010, obtaining several certificates in the holistic medicine a year later and greatly expanding his curriculum through many hours of cardiovascular training, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, joint infiltration cures and basic cardio-pulmonary resuscitation. He is, in fact, a cardio-pulmonary resuscitation teacher. In the doctor's study, the patient is at the center of the attention through a path of treatment and prevention of all-body diseases in order to regain physical and psychophysical well-being. The doctor uses scientific valid and effective therapies to improve posture and achieve muscle balance with Richard Smiked's method. The clinic offers a wide range of services: physiotherapy and therapeutic gymnastics, lymphatic drainage, anti-aging medicine, mesotherapy and massages.